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Your Personal Pervert Alert™


XYZ! Your pants as a platform—what a concept! Yup, this trouser-integrated technology has the ability to recognize when your zipper is down—and to alert you via push notification. The result? Your fly stays closed, and your dignity remains intact. We’re saving the world, one ego at a time.

Story Behind the Project

Everyone’s been there: You use the bathroom, come out—maybe at the office, a formal event or your local bar—and converse with several people. It’s only later, after these encounters, when you make an unfortunate realization: Your fly has been down the entire time. But what if, instead of realizing it yourself (or being told to “XYZ” by a particularly blunt cubicle mate), you were told that your zipper was your zipper.

We’re talking about the Noti-FLY.

As part of our initiative to create smart clothing, this tech-infused, embarrassment-preventing apparel is able to sense when your fly is down and let you know.

We’ve equipped a pair of pants with tech that has the capability to recognize when your button is closed and your zipper is zipped. If the answer is no, and your electricity-infused pants recognize that your pants are buttoned with your zipper still down, you’re notified discreetly via a simple push notification—before anyone else notices. The result? Your fly stays closed, and your dignity remains intact.

Tech Specs



Future Applications

While kind of a funny example, this project is a foray into the idea of Invisible UI, as illustrated by smart clothing. It’s all about simplifying and improving the user’s life, making for a seamless experience without introducing any additional hassle or interfaces. What’s also worth noting is that, while “intelligent,” the technology is also essentially invisible (a concept we’re also exploring with another project, UnderCurrents) meaning that, though they’re equipped with the device, the user’s pants maintain their original look.

Because nobody wants to be that guy with “Tech Trousers.”